I highly recommend James’ services to anyone looking to improve their marketability and visibility. James is very experienced and has a portfolio of services to satisfy your marketing needs.

Debo Akonai, MBA - Liberty Insurance



In today’s world, finding a person who is someone you can trust is key. So many people are out for themselves, it is hard to know who to believe and who to trust. James McInerney is that person, he does what he says he will do. In fact, he over-delivers, but never oversells. Work with James, you will be happy you did.

Andrew Bridge - Eagle Bank



James is very knowledgeable about the marketing business, and does great work. He cares about you and your company. I would recommend him to anyone seeking advice on how their business should be advertised.

Jason Miller - Kensington Framing & Design



When it comes to marketing and advertising your business, James is a real think-outside-the-box kind of person. He also possesses a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease. When working with James, it was very clear to me that he is very passionate about what he does and his focus is always for the success of the clients’ business or activity. If you are looking for person that will help you market your business, who brings with them a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and has a track record for success, then look no further than James.

Gregg Salkovitch - Sales Empowerment Group, LLC



I recently worked with James on a project for one of my clients – his work is thoughtful, thorough, high quality and on-time. He understands his business completely and I recommend him highly.

Roberta Biese - RWS Consulting



James is an excellent marketer who will make your business succeed and is a great man to talk to and do business with.

Arnold King - King Consulting



James is a highly effective marketing specialist who provides a one-stop-shop service to companies and individuals who desire to maximize their presence in the market. His excellent knowledge in designing, advertising, and marketing will exceed your expectations. Best of all, he is a trustworthy professional you can count on to have your project completed on time with very reasonable cost.

Tom Cong - Mindful Healing



James McInerney is a true professional. Dedicated to his work and clients. Goes out of his way to ensure that his clients are happy. He is good with people and understanding there needs and how best he can provide the service they need. He is a pleasure to work with.

Tracie Claxton - Maihelpu



James is dedicated, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. He's able to present creative marketing ideas and communicate the benefits. I highly recommend him.

Jamie Brock - Brock Insurance Services Inc



James does a wonderful job with all his multi-faceted advertising platforms. We speak the same language, so we always have a blast talking marketing. I highly recommend him as any sort of business/marketing consultant… his products rock!

Tony Marciante - Chef Tony's



James is as good and professional as I’ve come across in all my years working. He puts himself into his work, applies his training, skills and experience to the task at hand, and produces quality work in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend James in any capacity within his reach-as he is a man of innate integrity.

Gregory Webb - McLean 1910



Excellent, excellent, excellent. Mr. McInerney is very professional, very detailed and very cordial. Easy to do business with.

Paul Remson - Strategic Realty Advisors



Prompt professional service and I see immediate results. Thank you!

Valerie Wiest - Green Future Construction



James McInerney of LorDec has been doing business with Senior Helpers – Rockville since 2009. They have been very reliable, prompt with deliveries, and do an excellent job. They have always followed up and have kept us updated as to innovative ways we can market our business. I recommend LorDec/James to every business owner.

Karen McMorris - Senior Helpers - Rockville



Smooth, attentive customer service. Competitive rates. Excellent penetration in targeted markets. Would recommend to any business interested in expanding customer base.

Philip Guthrie - BCC Beer & Wine



LorDec always provides great service. I am very pleased every time I use this company for any advertising opportunity. James is very professional and at the same time personable. Everything was done in correct and timely manner with best results possible. I am very happy with services provided by LorDec so far.

Nev - YourDentist.com



In the past, I was convinced that I could market my business better then anyone because of my knowledge of my particular industry. He [James] took the time to thoroughly understand my business and what goals I was trying to accomplish through a marketing campaign. He was able to market my business more precisely and efficiently, which translated into more effective targeted responses.  I would recommend James and LorDec to anyone trying increase the exposure of their business on a cost effective basis.

Keith Burgess - Burgess Properties



James is very professional and easy to work with. He has always been available when we need his service and support. I strongly recommend Lordec to anyone who is looking for a dedicated company to work with.

Kamran Etemad - IWI, Sales/Marketing


Most call them testimonials, but we prefer to call them references. A smart business decision is an informed business decision. And what better way to learn about a potential partner than to hear from those who have had first hand experience. We’re proud of our relationships and attribute years of success to keeping our focus where it belongs… on the needs of our customers.


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