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Most call them testimonials, but we prefer to call them references. A smart business decision is an informed business decision. And what better way to learn about a potential partner than to hear from those who have had first hand experience. We’re proud of our relationships and attribute years of success to keeping our focus where it belongs… on the needs of our customers.

LorDec Media Group

At LorDec Media Group we believe the perfect product, campaign or image is a collaboration: produced by the sharing and shaping of a collective set of ideas.


Our consultative approach to design, marketing, and implementation will help bring your ideas to life while always keeping your end goal in mind.


Our promise is a partnership - from concept to completion.

What We Do | LorDec Media Group

What We're about

Creative thinking is our specialty


Passionate about crafting brand experiences, marketing campaigns, and websites that produce measurable results.

What We Offer



Creative Services - LorDec Media Group

Some of our creative services include

Campaign Planning & Copywriting
Graphic Design

Illustrations & Infographics
 Logo Creation
Mail Piece & Ad Design

Mobile & Email Campaign Creation
Web Site & Landing Page Design

Responsive Web Design - LorDec Media Group

Pixel Perfect BESPOKE Design


We build Pixel Perfect responsive websites that adapt across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices to provide a consistent contextually relevant user experience and brand message.


Web Design

Strategy & Planning - LorDec Media Group

Outcome Driven Strategy


Our planning is outcome driven and success starts with understanding your business and end goals in context with the bigger picture. Let’s get the ball rolling and give us a call. No obligation, just a conversation!

Story &


Story & Culture - LorDec Media Group

Your brand is more than a logo


Branding is more than having a memorable logo and design. It is how customers, competitors, and partners see you and is rooted in a company's culture and story. Understanding yours is our first step.

Data &


Data & Analytics - LorDec Media Group

You can’t improve what

you can’t measure

Crafting user-centered experiences requires a deep understanding of your customers' motivations, needs, and behaviors. Through ongoing analysis, we gain actionable insight that can help generate measurable results.



Multicahnnel Marketing - LorDec Media Group

One size does not fit all

The most successful marketing and advertising campaigns result from effectively combining various media such as print, mobile and web. Our media integration solutions deliver multi-channel messages that are relevant, personalized and focused.

One place for all your marketing & Advertising needs

What Clients Say

One place for all your marketing and advertising needs
What Clients Say

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Strategy &



Your Marketing Matters

Thoughts, stories and ideas to help market your business

The Intersection Of SEO and Content Marketing - An Article by LorDec Media Group

Complementary Marketing: The Intersection of SEO and Content Marketing

The power of collaboration shouldn’t be underestimated within online marketing. Too often we get caught up in the vertical-versus-vertical battle, especially when it comes to...

Published By:

LorDec Media Group

Why Have A Blog For Your Business - An Article by LorDec Media Group

Why Have a Blog for Your Business?

Published By:

LorDec Media Group

It should go without saying that any business today needs a web presence. There is a whole generation of adults who grew up using the Internet, and if they can’t go to...

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